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A lot of bunting for a special Pyksy Crew

So if you don’t follow me on facebook you might have thought that I had disappeared completely, and even if you did you might have thought I’d run off with the faeries.

But you’d be wrong, though the faeries did make a tempting offer! I’ve been busy preparing costumes for this year’s 3 Wishes Faery fest; getting swept away with all the fun at the faery fest; trying to recover from our faery adventure and making 40m of bunting for a very good cause. Oh and of course I’ve been glued to The Sewing Bee too.

More on most of that another day, this blog is about my bunting making. As you might have guessed we’ve become rather fond of attending a few little festivals and the more you go the more you get used to seeing the same faces about. One of these is the Gypsy Pyksy group of circus and theatre entertainers, they’ve run circus skills workshops at a few festivals we’ve been to now and our kids just love spending time learning skills and playing games with them.

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Unfortunately they’ve had a pretty bad start the the summer with all of their kit being stolen. The group leader Jay was obviously devastated by this and a Crowdfunder appeal was started to help get them back on their feet.

On top of this a few people through Facebook contacted Jay directly and asked what other things they could do. Obviously I offered to make something and the obvious thing was to make ‘some’ bunting, I’d seen they had lost 50m of bunting so that was a good target for me to go for. I sat down with my upcycling pile of fabrics and sifted through for things to use: Mainly things that wouldn’t curl, I threw them in a crate and started cutting triangles.

Some Bunting Triangles

And then I cut a lot more! As these are meant for festivals and used outside I decided not to finish the edges but just cut them pining shears which should give plenty of life before they start fraying and even more before that looks bad.

Lots of Bunting Triangles

I ended up with 218 triangles (cut with my trusty template) to go with my big roll of binding to sew it all to.

None of it took too long to do, but as always there are little things that get in the way of finding time to sit behind the machine and just keep sewing. But I finished eventually, with a total of 40m of upcycled festival bunting.

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never wondered what 40m of bunting would look like on my sofa, well not until this morning. And in case you have here it is…

Bunting on sofa

And now it’s all packaged up and ready to put some smiles on faces…

Packed Bunting

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Small Day Bag for Pretzel Boy

Summer  last year Pretzel Boy went on a school trip to London, for which he needed a small day bag. Well I decided I wouldn’t buy one, I’d make him one, something just the right size for a day of walking around London.

small bag

My idea was to create a bag suitable for an explorer / adventurer, which I believe he was quite happy with. It is a small shoulder bag with a zip close main section and small front pocket, with a top flap to cover both. This was created with no pattern just an idea of what I wanted to achieve.

small bag open

The outer of the bag is a poly suede, which feels really great. The inside is from the left overs of the Jedi Cloak, giving it a look of being much bigger than it is. Oh and I up-cycled a nice chunky zip from an old jacket of his.

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Up-cycled Dressing Up

Here are some early creations of mine made from some old bits we had laying about.

Mummy Costume
Trouble in his Mummy costume for a Halloween party

Pretzel Boy in his Mummy costume for a Halloween party made from old bandage and wraps

Up-Cycled Super Girl

Sweetie in her Super Girl Costume: a skirt made from many pairs of old baby tights a cape from various colour things and some rather cheated headband and wrist bands made simply from cuffs and waistbands of more old clothes. With some extras, sash and bag, added by The Bendy Knitter