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Gardening with a Helping Hand from Nature

I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks now to get the last grass cutting of the year done, I missed the last good day of summer for mowing and the grass has been getting awfully long. The weather has been kind enough this last week to keep the grass dry, so yesterday morning I decided to dash out and get a bit of gardening done.

In our garden we have a lovely big pampas grass and it leans over the lawn, makes mowing a little tricky. Though not so if you get a little help. So there is was happily mowing around the pampas deciding how to tackle the task when the gentle breeze picked up and changed direction lifting the pampas up and out of the way. And there it stayed until I had quite contently taken my time mowing the grass underneath it, where upon stepping away it drifted back down. I carried on with the rest of my lawn with a content smile on my face. Maybe being a Druid has real world perks some times.

Now I’m not saying that as a Druid I deliberately used some magic ability to lift the pampas or willed the wind to change. But as a Druid that special connection with nature is very real and some times it reaches out and gives you something tangible back, reminds you that it’s listening.

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Rebirth of the blog

So I set up my blog over a year ago and basically found time to make one blog post. Even if it was on a very important subject (Cheesecake) that wasn’t really enough to count as having started blogging. That said I’m not going to delete it as I think I’ll regret it sometime in the future, so there it is down there.

Of course a lot happens in over a year in anyone’s life but I think I’ve gone through quite a bit in the last year, I started this blog in part to keep track of my progress through my teacher training. And maybe if I’d done it I might have coped better, but I doubt it. Turns out as much as I loved teaching my life didn’t have room for it, in summary I gave in and put the teaching dream back in the box only half way through my teacher training year.

So here I am back doing what I know best (professionally) Software Development. In fact I’ve been back at it again for over half a year now. Currently experimenting with mix of Full time and Freelance work to keep me busy. Not that I need work to keep me busy…

I think two children and a wife is enough to keep anyone busy, even without work… So it’s no wonder that at times I struggle to find time for the important things…

No doubt you know I am a Druid (I mean it’s the first word in the title!!). I’m not a druid because I looked up druid and made myself one, I’m a Druid because the things I believe and the way I live my life fit best with that word. Sometimes you hear an adjective and you have a feeling of “Yes, that’s me”… more about that one day… I Promise

Well there that’s a bit about me and a hint of what I will try and put here, it’s probably going to be a bit random, geeky programming posts one day, hippy spiritual posts the next.

But hey nobody is simple.. I’ve only just scratched surface of me!