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The force is Strong with this Jedi Cloak

Here is the the “epic” Jedi cloak that I made for Pretzel Boy in early 2015, when he was just 9.
Jedi Cloak

It’s made from a lovely strong cotton, not too heavy that it’s uncomfortable but it hangs very nicely.

Although you’d never see him do it, the cloak swishes out massively when spinning etc. it makes it wonderful for wrapping up in, either for keeping warm on summer nights or just being mysterious.

Look out for another slightly smaller version of this in crushed velvet that I made for Sweetie in December

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Up-cycled Dressing Up

Here are some early creations of mine made from some old bits we had laying about.

Mummy Costume
Trouble in his Mummy costume for a Halloween party

Pretzel Boy in his Mummy costume for a Halloween party made from old bandage and wraps

Up-Cycled Super Girl

Sweetie in her Super Girl Costume: a skirt made from many pairs of old baby tights a cape from various colour things and some rather cheated headband and wrist bands made simply from cuffs and waistbands of more old clothes. With some extras, sash and bag, added by The Bendy Knitter