All About Me

Stay at home Dad of Two (Pretzel Boy,10 and Sweetie,5) and husband of The Bendy Knitter (TBK), Druid, odd one out and all round softy.

I used to be a full time Software Developer with quite a few different roles under my belt, but with life’s complications I’m now at home and pursuing a career as a Seamster (it really is a word!). I’m learning a lot as I go, making silly little things, everyday & baby clothes and dressing up & festival costumes. One day I ‘d like to learn some proper costume design and corsetry skills.

Occasionally still dipping my toes in the software world, mostly to maintain The Bendy Knitter’s Website.

I’m a bit geeky, an unashamed Trekkie and Nintendo fan. Owns far too many not enough cuddly toys and is a huge Build a Bear addict!

Expect to see lots of my sewing projects, a few software posts and the occasional rambling about something random.


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