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Sunburst Trousers – Finally getting it right

If you have ever felt tired of wearing dark plain coloured trousers then I definitely recommend a pair of yellow/pink/orange/red trousers! You can’t help but feel a bit chirpy in them!

I was given the fabric for these trousers about 6 months before I got round to making them, it’s a lovely 100% cotton that I’d been eyeing up in Haberdashery Fabric and More for months, let’s just say it wasn’t a cheap one either. So when I finally had 3m of it I wasn’t about to risk an untested pattern on it. But after two pairs of trousers with various tweaks along the way, that included getting the flares the right way and size I decided it was time to make them.

sunburst trousers summer 2015

The fabric is actually quite a lightweight cotton, and I decided that a thinner waistband would be nice on these and they make perfect trousers for warm summer weather.

I will admit sometimes they feel a little bright on a dark rainy winters day, but then i remember to smile and not let the rain bother me!
There’s magic in these trousers!

sunburst trousers summer 2016

I must have worn these trousers countless days over the last year or so and they still feel strong and look great, I know myself they will have faded a bit but you can’t tell, unless somebody grabs a scrap of the original fabric and compares it they still look bold and bright as ever!

sunburst trousers Glastonbury 2016

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