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Pirate Waistcoat

The 3 Wishes Faery Fest is one of those rare occasions when Pretzel Boy will let go and put on a costume and properly join in with all the fun, and 2015 required a pirate costume, at least some of one.

pirate waistcoat conga

So I took to heavily adapting a waistcoat pattern I have to make a very basic unlined waistcoat. Being costume I used a cheap poly-suede which on the outside looks great but the inside is rather cheap feeling. I skipped the fastenings and kept it short to get the final style I wanted.

Pirate Waistcoat

I think it give a good impression in the end. He also wore it to Pirate Day down at Plymouth Barbican this year and again the this year’s Faery Fest, so it’s certainly got his approval!


pirate day outfit

Pirate day was a pretty cold one and extra layers in the form of a knitted crossover by The Bendy Knitter were required, unfortunately covering up the waistcoat.


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