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Teacher’s Presents – Book Covers

Right that’s just about it another school year over and done with, and it’s been a busy one especially as it was Sweetie’s first year. This had one final unexpected treat in store for me: twice as many teacher presents at the end of the year. Nine of them to be precise!

Fabric Book Covers

After rummaging through my idea books I decided to make some book covers for some A5 notebooks. The project asked for two fat quarters per cover, but with nine books to make I shuddered at the thought of buying 18 fat quarters. If you’ve ever bought them you’ll know they aren’t half as cheap as they should be. I decided that 9 cotton fat quarters and a length of poly cotton for the lining, to keep the cost down a little but still provide a nice finish.

After making them up I found that for the books I bought I needed just a little over half a fat quarter for each piece (outer and inner). I’m glad I bought just a length of fabric for the inner covers as I needed much less than 9 fat quarters  (2.5m).

I tried to pick fabrics to for each teacher, as much as I could – this probably took longer than most of the sewing!

So here we have 4 Book Covers for Sweetie’s teachers:

4 Book Covers

and 5 for Pretzel Boy’s Teachers:

5 Book Covers

I also decided to add some letter to the inside of each cover, a ‘Thank You’ with our child’s name and the year in the back cover:

Open Book Cover - Back

and the Teacher’s name in the front cover:

Open Book Cover - Front

The letter is quite simple but I hope it adds a little something – plus they won’t get mixed up so easily.

I have also persuaded Pretzel Boy to add a few words for each teacher that I’ve printed and stuck inside too.

Book Cover Poem


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