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Alice and The Bird Dresses

And now we have arrived at the first dress I made for Sweetie. I wanted something quite simple, so this meant no sleeves. So I picked a simple strappy dress, zip and straps that tie at the back. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity the fabric was picked to match an Alice style dress of an Alice in Wonderland Day at 2015’s 3 Wishes Faery Fest.

Being my first dress I chose to use some affordable polycotton, which isn’t the greatest but still looks quite nice. I also chose to have a play with making the colour fade through different shades, by bleaching the top of the dress and not the bottom. As it turned out it makes the dress look permanently wet, it definitely makes people take a second look.

Alice Dress

And as you can see it floats out in a lovely way too! I used a lace panel for the bottom to make it just that little extra pretty.

Alice Dress sitting

I have also made one of these dresses for my niece, in a smaller size, in some lovely Cotton – that I took so long picking. Here they are together:

Alice dress and bird dress

I love how different thy look until you really start analysing them and see that they really are the same. Here are a few extra pictures that really show it off:

bird dress bird dress

I bought quite a bit of these two fabrics and have made one other thing that I’ll post soon, but expect to see more using these in the future.


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