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Starting off with my Machine

I’m going to keep the writing on my blog to a minimum, mostly because I often don’t have the time.

But I think the my first new post needs some intro: So I’ve now been properly sewing for about 2 years I think. I could already do the basics before that but never really sat down to do it. I pinched the sewing machine off my lovely wife The Bendy Knitter (TBK) and got stuck in. I started out on a few costumes for the kids, but quickly decided I’d be moving on to some comfy trousers for me and gypsy skirts for TBK. After a year or ever more difficult work I knew that her little machine wasn’t going to be up to the job, and even though a good service would have helped I was quickly moving past it’s limits.

So I started shopping around I’d settled myself on a quite fancy but reasonably priced Janome that I could get a heap of accessories for one of which I had fallen in love with! The miracle ruffler foot! And I set of to Franklins in Salisbury to check it out. Though after a good chat with one of their technicians it became clear I hadn’t picked the best machine for what I wanted, so a new dream machine was picked out – though it was a bit more money – I can assure you I wasn’t just being fleeced to be sold a more expensive machine, he first suggested a cheaper one in fact, but it didn’t have as many features as this, some of which I now use daily.

And after some saving by me and TBK and some very generous family, my winter solstice present was:

Juki HZL-G120

Of course that was nearly 5 months ago but I felt it was a good place to start my posts, after all I would get much done with out it!

I look forward to sharing some of the items that I make with it.


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