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Proud Of The Crocheter In Our Family

That’s me I guess. 😀

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My husband may not like that I have put this to the world but I am proud of him and a very proud wife should be allowed to show off her husbands work once in a while!?

He had decided to start crocheting a few years ago, I am hopeless at it and can only do a few things, I am ok with crochet edging and I can seem to do small toys/animals, really I am not too bad but I just have so many …not so good days!… well my husband did spend a lot of time with me helping me work out the ‘code’ and how to crochet, so he picked it up while trying to show/help me..he is much better at it!

I can knit so much quicker however there are times when knitting just wont do and crocheting it is better… for example a crochet ‘bottom’…

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