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Ben & Holly’s Little Game of Thrones

So I know that everyone loves Game of Thrones, and it’s right up my alley genre wise. But I gave it a try and jsut didn’t like it, but all the guys in the office love it. So i know the theme tune pretty well and can spot a GoT style something or other pretty easily.

Anyway Little Trouble really loves Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom on Nick Junior and I can’t blame her, it really is quite funny. This month Nick Jnr have been running a couple of adverts for the new series and I’m sur you’ve guessed it by now they are in a Game of Thrones style, quite enjoyable too.

Of course I had to show the guys at work, so I recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube, thought I’d share here too!

p.s. Sorry for the shaky quality recorded off the tv with my phone.


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