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Rebirth of the blog

So I set up my blog over a year ago and basically found time to make one blog post. Even if it was on a very important subject (Cheesecake) that wasn’t really enough to count as having started blogging. That said I’m not going to delete it as I think I’ll regret it sometime in the future, so there it is down there.

Of course a lot happens in over a year in anyone’s life but I think I’ve gone through quite a bit in the last year, I started this blog in part to keep track of my progress through my teacher training. And maybe if I’d done it I might have coped better, but I doubt it. Turns out as much as I loved teaching my life didn’t have room for it, in summary I gave in and put the teaching dream back in the box only half way through my teacher training year.

So here I am back doing what I know best (professionally) Software Development. In fact I’ve been back at it again for over half a year now. Currently experimenting with mix of Full time and Freelance work to keep me busy. Not that I need work to keep me busy…

I think two children and a wife is enough to keep anyone busy, even without work… So it’s no wonder that at times I struggle to find time for the important things…

No doubt you know I am a Druid (I mean it’s the first word in the title!!). I’m not a druid because I looked up druid and made myself one, I’m a Druid because the things I believe and the way I live my life fit best with that word. Sometimes you hear an adjective and you have a feeling of “Yes, that’s me”… more about that one day… I Promise

Well there that’s a bit about me and a hint of what I will try and put here, it’s probably going to be a bit random, geeky programming posts one day, hippy spiritual posts the next.

But hey nobody is simple.. I’ve only just scratched surface of me!

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