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Mmmm Cheesecake!

Cheesecake… just what was needed after one of the most tiring weeks I’ve ever known. And it’s one of JuniBugs favourites, seeing how she’s gone and got a stinking cold she really appreciated it.

Of course this has been no ordinary week, I have just finished my first taught week of my primary PGCE and I’m shattered! In five short days I’ve had lectures on English, mathematics, science & professionalism, and played more primary school games than I did back when I was in primary school.
I think the high point of this week for me was realising how competent and confident I feel across the curriculum, especially in English which I thought would be my real downfall, sure the assignments later in the year are going to tax my literary skills, but do I think I could teach English to a primary class? Yes, I feel pretty confident I could, and if I feel that way now i can only imagine how I’ll feel by the end of the year.

This year really is going to one of self discovery that is more clear now than ever,  I just hope to find more time to spend on my druid studies with OBOD than I have in the past few months.